Close control Air conditioners

Rooftop Air Conditioner

Combining cooling, heating,air supply rooftop heat pump unit is an integral unit with complete
air system,whose structure is compact and capacity is huge.The adjustment to the unit is very
convenient and installation of the unit is easy, which save expenditure and maintenance cost.
It is applicable to metallurgy , chemical and electric engineering industries, as well as places
where comfortable air is required, such as hospital , market, restaurant and bar, especially for
water deficient regions and the place where water system is not convenient to be installed.

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Water Cooled Package

Gree water cooled package has unitary and compact structure , high efficiency components
and parts and high energy efficiency , human friendly operation interface, various functions
which ensure safe, reliable, stable and energy saving operation, and flexible installation.It is
suitable for the workshop, shop, supermarket, hotel, office and so on.

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